Two-Way Radio Life Vest


Two-Way Radio Life Vest


We haven’t been sure writing about the Two-Way Radio Life Vest. It doesn’t use Smart Textiles or Wearable Electronic technologies but then …. it is a very unique merge of electronic and (kind off) clothing. And we like this idea, it’s not high tech but practical and shows that merging electronic with clothing is a trend many companies exploring now.

The Two-Way Radio Life Vest is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and comes with dual, 14-channel two-way radios, one integrated into the chest of the life vest and another for use on a boat or on shore, allowing easy communication from water skier to boat, or ship to shore from up to 3 kilometer away.


A pocket in the chest of the life vest holds the radio in place and the zipper closure allows for rapid removal. The life vest’s exterior is made from neoprene, the same material used in professional scuba diving wetsuits for its elasticity and durability.The two-way radios have large talk buttons and LCDs for ease of use, remain waterproof up to 1 meter and have audible low-battery alerts. The radios require three AAA batteries.


We can imagine many practical uses besides water skiing like wind surfing or during exploration of small islands during your vacation, there is always the (legal) requirement to wear a life vest on smaller boats.


This vest can make is easier for you to stay in contact with your group and sync your activities in a convenient way. There might be the possibility to use it in emergency situations but this scenario is not very likely to us.


In any case, for on the water activities and adventures, the Two-Way Radio Life Vest comes in handy and the way this product is realized gets our dumps-up.


You can order the Two-Way Radio Life Vest online by for $ 129.95