Two Horns United custom-makes an Aperture Science gas mask, will save your life but won’t open portals


Do you like video games that allow you to instantly shift to different points in space? Do you also like still being able to breathe once the atmosphere no longer continues to support life? Then boy oh boy do we have quite the deal for you. A fashion-minded individual, and member of the DeviantART community, named Two Horns United has created as gas mask that not only works as gas masks do but also apes one of the best video game franchises in history while doing it. Game on!

Mr. United’s Aperture Science “Portal gun” gas mask is finally ready for mass consumption. It looks just like the infamous Portal gun from the video game series of the same name. It also fends off nasty gas and unbreathable air! It also lights up and generally looks super cool. Sure, this may not be the only thing in the world that plays liberally with the Portal license, but its the only one that can help you live through multiple bed bug treatments.

After a good amount of positive press, T.H. United is busy cranking these out to spec. How much will it cost you to be a part of both video game and oxygen-related history? Just $280 clams. You can order one from his afore-linked DeviantART site or see the units in person at a comics-themed convention near you. Also, it must be noted, if you buy one of these you are an instant shoe-in for some kind of cosplay prize at your next video game theme party. Well, unless someone springs for an entire Donkey Kong costume. That show off.