Tuit Mobile Security Ring Uses NFC Tech to Keep You Safe


Thus far, the wondrous specter known as wearable technology has possessed watches and eyeglasses in massive quantities. The same goes for wallets, jackets and even a pair of pants or two. However, jewelry has been auspiciously absent. This is odd considering jewelry is already metal(ish) and thus lends itself nicely to all manner of application. Sure, a necklace doesn’t quite have room for an LED screen but that doesn’t mean we can’t pump it full of Bluetooth or NFC technology. Speaking of near field capability tech, here is a ring that uses it to do some pretty nifty stuff(nice segue-way.)

Introducing the Tuit Mobile Security Ring. This marvelous, and quite sleek if we do say so ourselves, creation uses the aforementioned magic of the aforementioned NFC to, well, keep you and yours safe. How in tarnations does it do this? It’s essentially a privacy protection device that works in tandem with your smartphone to keep your ID safe and sound. Tired of punching in an access code every time you want to use it? Just wear this ring and everything will be done on the fly. After all, as long as the ring is on your finger, you are who you say you are. A related app verifies the authenticity of your Tuit by using a cryptographic digital signature.

The ring, which also works with tablets and other devices that require key codes to log in, isn’t quite ready for prime time. The developers are shoring up more funding so they can deliver this ring to stores around the world. In the meantime, you can check out their Kickstarter and drop a few coins in their bucket to reserve one of the earliest models. For just $25 bucks you can get your finger on one.