Try Not to Hurl While Using This VR Program to Run


Unless you are a pair of human knees, it is universally accepted that running is great. It gets your blood flowing. It teaches you to appreciate the music on your MP3 player. It also teaches you to appreciate the food you eat after you are done. However, one downside of running is, especially for cityfolk, the lack of beautiful vistas. Unless you live near a constantly shifting magical forest, it is likely you are sick of looking at the same Pharmacy and middle school every time you run around the neighborhood. That’s where this VR application comes in.

The appropriately named Runtastic is a fantastic way to run, if you can keep the demons of nausea at bay that is(VR makes some people want to hurl.) It works with the snazzy Oculus Rift headset device and promises to take you anywhere you want to run, be it a beautiful beach or even on another planet. On Mercury, after all, you’ll burn more calories. It also feeds all kinds of useful stats right to your eyeballs for adjustments on the fly.

While this technology seems promising, VR headsets are simply too bulky in their current iterations to work as functional workout partners. Give it several year, however, and the components should shrink to a tenth or so of the current weight. Then it’ll be game on for all you exercise enthusiasts out there.