Trouble Sleeping? This App Will Help Put You Out Like a Light


Sleep deprived Fitbit wearers are waking up to good news today with the launch of a breakthrough app that not only allows them to track their sleep patterns, but also provides a solution to help them take control of their sleep.

The first-of-its-kind in the world, the free app, called the Re-Timer Sleep App for Fitbit was developed to syncronize with popular fitness tracker, Fitbit.
The software pulls a person’s actual sleep times from the device and provides a personalized solution using a proven, all-natural treatment – light therapy. Based on the user’s sleep patterns, the app suggests when and for how long to use light therapy, depending on if a person wants to fall asleep – or wake up – earlier or later.
Light therapy, which consists of exposure to daylight or artificial light, has long been recognized by researchers as an effective sleep tool, providing exposure to the right amount of light at the right times.

“In today’s technological world, where our lives are largely spent indoors, we don’t get enough natural light and this is interfering with our natural sleep cycles,” said Dr. Adam Blackman, Medical Director of Medsleep. “Researchers have discovered that regular exposure to bright light that enters the eyes can change timing of the sleep-wake cycle and increase the reliability of people’s sleep schedules.”
Until recently, people have relied on light boxes – boxed units with a side of translucent glass or plastic that contains an electric light – to get the visual bright exposure they need, which meant they had to sit close to the box daily and look at it for about 30-60 minutes to benefit, according to Leon Lack, Australia-based Flinders University professor and practicing sleep psychologist.

Now, thanks to a unique invention by Professor Lack, people can get convenient and effective light therapy simply by wearing first-of-their-kind portable eye glasses for just 30 minutes a day. Called Re-Timer, the glasses – wearable technology developed through 25 years of research by Lack – can improve sleep and reduce tiredness by helping people re-time and take control of their sleep rhythms. Re-Timer uses a patented technology that mimics the effect of sunlight on the human body clock and produces a UV-free green light that helps the body recognize when to be awake and when to sleep.
Clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals have shown that Re-Timer – now sold in more than 40 countries and used by more than 200 sleep physicians across North America – can adjust a user’s sleep time by an average of 2.53 hours.

“The time is right for the introduction of the Re-Timer Sleep Tracker App for Fitbit,” Lack said. “With sleep issues affecting more than 70 million Americans and more than three million fitness bands and activity trackers sold in the U.S, last year alone, the combination is win-win for those who suffer from sleep issues.”
Re-Timer glasses retail for $299 and can be purchased at The App can be downloaded from iTunes or at