Triposo Travel Belt Will Help You Find Awesome Stuff To Do


Contrary to popular belief, traveling is actually better than sitting on your couch for a year going through your Netflix queue. Traveling around this world of ours is even better nowadays, thanks to the forward march of technology. Those phones you have in your pocket? They are just a screen-push away from telling you everything you need to know about a locale you are visiting. However, sometimes you want to give the illusion of roughing it. For those times there is a strange vibrating belt that gives you the heads up regarding interesting curios without you having to double check with your phone.

Introducing the Triposo Travel Belt, which does the aforementioned. It eschews the tech you’d think it would use to get something like this to work, namely Bluetooth, in favor of a simpler method. You just plug it in to your phone or tablet via a standard 3.5mm cable into the headphone jack. Once you input a destination, the belt uses a variety of vibrations to let you know which direction to head in and when you are getting close. Now you can fool the locals into looking like you know where you are going! This could be even better than the invention of the traveler’s check.

They haven’t secured funding for the device yet, so to do that they’ve taken to Kickstarter Indiegogo. If you pledge fifty bucks, the belt can be yours come February, which is when they think they’ll be finished and ready to ship. In the meantime, check out this highly informative video of the belt in pants-holding-up action.