Trego Bag is Jack-of-All-Trades iPad Accessory

Trego iPad Bag

Trego iPad Bag

iPad accessories are a good market to be in. Consumers have options to purchase cases, hands free slings, and stands to make their iPads the workstation they require. The Trego puts all three of these features into one bag. The only drawback is the device isn’t on store shelves, and won’t be unless the project is fully funded on Kickstarter.

The exterior form factor looks like a traditional black messenger bag. It’s only when you zip it open that all the other features become apparent. If you swing the bag around to your front and pop it open, the case will hold the iPad steady so you can navigate hands-free while standing. From this position, applying a little bit of force will allow you to bend the case back further with the iPad attached. There’s also a portion that bends while the bag lies flat, so you can mold it into a stand. Street vendors and salesmen on the road could find a great benefit for an accessory with these qualities.

While it has many uses, its design doesn’t leave room for much else than, well, an iPad. The developers claim it has pockets for a few knick-knacks, like wallets, keys, and smartphones, though. Currently, the Trego will fit Apple’s iPad 2 and up, but there’s plans for a model to accommodate Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line.

The Trego designers are looking to raise $20,000 to help with production costs. If you want to support the cause and get a bag while your at it, you’ll have to donate at least $69 of your hard-earned cash.

Source: Gizmag