TreadGaming is How You Game While On Your Treadmill


Exercising can be a real drag. We all know that. We all suffer through that reality each and every time we decide to, you know, get healthy or whatever. One of the great things wearable technology has been able to do is provide a handful of easier ways to get out there and sweat, via the magic of fitness tracking and related techs. However, what about using the old treadmill? It’s boring as heck! If only there was a complex hardware unit that made using the treadmill about as fun as, well, playing your favorite video game. Luckily, that time is almost here.

Introducing the appropriately named TreadGaming, a device that is placed on your treadmill that tracks your movements and translates them to in-game motions, meaning that using the treadmill has your avatar walking around the virtual universe in real time. It looks totally awesome! Finally, you won’t have to walk by moving a stick. You’ll be able to let your feet quite literally do the walking (or running, if you are into that kind of thing.) It works in tandem with a Wiimote nunchuck device, which allows you to handle the third person movement as your legs handle the traveling. It’s a pretty sweet setup.

Of course, this is some pretty out there tech and, as such, as not on the store shelves of your favorite virtual exercise store. You’ll have to hit up their Kickstarter and plunk down some coins in order to pre-order your own unit. It has already blown through the funding goal so this device is a sure bet for a release. It’s just a matter of time.