Trax is a Wearable GPS Tracker For Stalking Your Kids & Pets


If you’ve ever wished there were a better way to keep track of people and things without having to figure out how to get them to carry about a GPS tracking brick, then you’re in luck. A Kickstarter campaign in early 2013 funded a successful run for a new GPS tracker called ‘Trax’ that clips onto clothing and collars, so that you can track just about anything in most English speaking countries. While it does cost $219, the gadget offers a lot of versatile use, and a two year data plan for GPS tracking (after two years it’s $5 a month). Sound cool? Keep reading!

Introducing Trax

Trax is a small GPS tracker featuring an accellerometer and gyroscope for indoor tracking where GPS doesn’t work. Combined technologies allow the Trax to be accurate within 10 feet, meaning that parents and owners can track down the wearer quite easily using nothing more than their phone. Because it’s just 2.6 by .40 inches in size, the Trax can be easily attached to belt buckles, collars, belt loops, and pretty much anything else available using the built in clip. While these features sound quite great, they don’t quite make the Trax worth the investment, or at least not with trackers like Tile being available for $19. It is the App and its functions that make the Trax really stand out.


Each Trax is sold with a free compatible app for Android or iOS that features real time digital tracking with pings updated based on movement for accuracy of up to ten feet. In addition, the owner can set the Trax to create GeoFences that alert you when the wearer goes over the boundary. Each app features four basic types of GeoFences for ultimate flexibility, and each of these fences sends an alert to the phone when the Trax wearer goes over the boundary. Alerts can be set to push notifications or SMS, although the SMS is not free.

Extremely Practical Applications

Whether you have a dog that likes to wander, a spouse who’s always late, or a child with autism, the Trax offers features that are comparable with bracelets and tracking devices on sale for twice the money. The ability to set up wireless geofences with alerts gives parents of autistic children (and pet owners) a heads up when their ‘baby’ starts to wander, meaning that they can go pick up the wearer as quickly as possible. Because thousands of kids and pets are lost due to wandering every year, a $219 alert actually doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea, especially not for parents with autistic kids.

Because Trax is also waterproof, durable, and capable of being dragged through the mud by kids and adults alike, it’s really the perfect option for anyone who wants to keep track of anything they love. Most importantly, it’s also a more cost effective solution for parents who’s kids are prone to wandering.

What do you think? Would you buy one? If so, check out to preorder yours.