TQ Style Girls Lightup Heart Shirt


The T-Qualizer shirts have been around for some time and I have to admit, we have one since we have posted about it. It’s cool and brings a lot of fun to any party. The TQalizer shirts are not made for the serious folks but for those how like to be in the center of the dance floor action.T-Qualiser, the distributor behind this shirts has added a cute twist to the up to now male dominant range of T-Qualiser T-Shirts, the TQ Style, a pink, heart shaped equalizer for the dance floor girls.

There are seven other models for the boys but all have the same features like the sound sensitivity controller that pulsates your heart (on the TQ Shirt) in time with the music it ‘hears’. How? A sound sensor inside the battery pack picks up the sound and translates it to the equalizer animation on the heart. The battery pack which holds also 4x AAA batteries, is hidden in a pocket just inside the hem.

You can pick up your TQ Style shirt for $ 39.90 by firebox.com.

With the TQ shirts you will light up every party. I definitely have the TQ Style on my wish list for my next party.