Toyota Teaches Kids to Drive With Rift-Enabled Software


“See you later, may I have the car keys please?” Every parent expects to hear this phrase before too long. Let’s be honest, however. Teenagers are awful, awful drivers. Adults aren’t even the best drivers but teenagers are the absolute worst. Whatever system we have in place to teach these ragamuffins how to conduct themselves behind the wheel is apparently broken. The end result? Crashed cars and tons of excuses, along with an errant marijuana cigarette or two. Well, at least one car company is trying their best to teach teens how to drive correctly using the power of wearable technology. Yay, for wearable technology!

Toyota, who you might know from making a ton of cars since like forever, has teamed up with Oculus and their future-forward Rift device to create a software tutorial of sorts that teaches proper driving etiquette to the most selfish and solipsistic among us. It’s called the TeensDrive365 Initiative which, well, isn’t the catchiest name around. The software, however, sounds pretty cool. You strap on a Rift and pretty soon you are cruising down the road with the best of them. It’s attached to an actual car, that doesn’t actually move, that translates in-vehicle movements to in-software movements. Thus, what you do in the car effects what your car-avatar does in the game.

Toyota is taking this car, uh, on the road and touring around the country to slowly help every kid in America drive without royally scaring the pants out of everyone else on the road. They haven’t mentioned if they’d be taking this thing global, but we imagine Europe and Japan wouldn’t be too far behind. This is cool tech, after all.