Touch Bionics Prosthetic Hand


Need a way to have better control over your prosthetic hand? There’s an app for that. Touch Bionics has introduced a new prosthetic limb, called the i-Limb Ultra Revolution that can be controlled with an app.

The i-Limb is the first of its kind. Each of the fingers has variable strength, and the strength in each finger can be controlled separately from the other fingers. The thumb is controlled through the use of electrodes which are attached to the wearers stump. These electrodes can pick up muscle impulses which can control the thumb. There are four electrodes that can connected to four different muscle impulses, and each impulse can be assigned to different actions that the thumb does.

Here is what makes the i-Limb unique: The i-Limb can connect to your smartphone. It connects via bluetooth, and this function can be used to activate 24 different grip options using the app, called Quick Grips. Quick Grips also has a number of favorite grips that are designed to fit the wearers daily needs. These range from using a mouse to holding paper.

The i-Limb Ultra Revolution comes in a number of different colors, including black and skin color, and is a real breakthrough in the field. We can expect to be seeing more similar products in the near future.