Toshiba Tries to Outdo Google With Their Own Glass Prototype


Google has had this whole smartglasses thing on lockdown since day one. They were the first one out of the gate, after all. However, one must remember that although they left the gate first, no company has really and truly gotten out of said gate yet. That’s because none of these devices have gone to market. Sure, you can drop an obscene amount of money to get your hands on a Glass Explorer Edition, but that’s not the finalized product, and hopefully not the finalized price. So yeah. It’s still anyone’s game. On that note, electronics manufacturer Toshiba just unveiled their very own ‘Glass-killer.’

The company unveiled the tech at last week’s CEATEC conference, a consumer electronics event held yearly in Japan. Their take on smartglasses? A fairly lightweight and versatile model that does come with a few catches, however. The hardware is essentially a tiny projector that projects images right on to the frames, which is somewhat different from how Google’s baby works. Aside from that, both products offer similar functionality, with one major difference. As of this writing, Toshiba’s model demands a wired connection which means you’ll remain tethered to your home, unless you have a really, really long extension cord.

The wire exists to keep the weight down, as all of the heavy computing is done off-site via a computer or what have you. Although, if you ask me, I’d rather have a bit of weight to contend with then being stuck under house arrest. The product is still in the developmental phase so, yeah, it could and will probably change before it hits retail. Toshiba has yet to announce a price but, being as how it is essentially a projector and not much else, it should be significantly less than Google Glass.