TomTom’s Nike+Sportwatch adds some NikeFuel and loses some economic fuel(it’s cheaper)


If there’s any one company that has always been on the cusp of exercise technology, it’s be Nike. First they started putting pumps and tubes into shoes before anyone else. Then they used The Beatles in advertising before anyone else.  They put lights into their shoes before anyone else. They reduced the weight of their sneakers by adding weird spacegrade foams and polymers before anyone else. And, of course, they jumped on board the vitals-monitoring-GPS-wearable-workout-buddy train way early as well. Now Michael Jordan’s main paycheck is back, adding some much needed “fuel” to the fire of their Nike+ Sportwatch brand.

Nike and GPS magnate TomTom teamed up a while back to bring you the Sportwatch. We wrote about it a while back. The companies have revamped the product and added some major bells and whistles, all the while devamping(not a word) the price. They’ve added NikeFuel functionality, which converts any exertions you make into a normalized score of sorts. This is great for keeping track of just what all of that hard exercise is doing for you. This information can get pumped to your computer, smartphone or, now, even your Xbox 360. Nothing says keeping fit like, um, video games. Stay quiet, Wii Fit nerds.

They’ve also put out some cool new colors, including the snappily named Anthracite Blue Glow. The price? It’s down a cool ten bucks to $190. That extra ten dollars floating around your budget can now be spent on a pair of new gym shorts. Your old ones are getting stank. With great power comes great responsibility, bub.

Also, you want videos of this stuff in action? Oh, we have videos. Enough to make your taut, fit head spin.

We also have lots of images if you are one of those people who gets nauseous at the sight of the moving image.