TomTom’s Multi-Sport Cardio Sports Watch is So Nice They Named it Twice


Fitness sounds so easy when you are just reading about it on the Internet. All you gotta do is a bunch of things every day for the rest of your life! How hard can it be? OK, it can be extremely, brutally hard. There is something about exercise that makes it more difficult to start doing than, say, eating an entire pizza in one sitting and then curling up in the fetal position as you curse your maker. Wait, uncurl yourself child. Wearable technology has worked its hardest to make reaching your fitness goals easier than ever before. Here is even more proof of that fact.

TomTom, better known for creating that weird talking lady who gives you driving directions, has always dabbled in wearables. Now, if their new smartwatch is any indication, they are ready to dive right in. The absurdly named Multi-Sport Cardio Sports Watch is more than the sum of its naming parts. It’s a watch. It’s a fitness tracker. It’s both a watch and a fitness tracker. Of course, there is GPS functionality. This is TomTom, after all. Also, the M-SCSW can also track your heart rate without having to attach to your chest. The company is about to launch a new model, as the original came out last year. This one is waterproof up to 50 meters. Nice!

TomTom’s latest and greatest baby should be available by the end of the month and will cost you around $300, which is only the price of like four personal trainer sessions. Those can get expensive.