TomTom Releases Smartwatch Aimed at Golfers


Some of you out there are golfers. Most of you out there at least know a golfer. In other words, everyone out there has a dad or at some point had a dad. Guess what? Dads like to golf. In honor of this singular achievement by the hairier half of the child-making equation, many tech companies have been developing gadgets and doodads to help the golfers in our life golf better. After all, a happy golfer is a golfer that makes you watch golf on television less frequently. It’s a win/win! Speaking of, TomTom, heretofore known as that GPS company, has come out with their very own smartwatch aimed at the golfer in your life.

Appropriately named the TomTom Golfer, this watch will make your time on the links as effortless and enjoyable as possible, and right in time for the Ryder Cup even. What the heck can this thing do and how can it make your game better? Well, it contains accurate data on more than 34,000 golf courses, meaning it works as a sort of wrist-worn caddy. It sends you greens information, distance information and all kinds of relevant stuff based on the course data and your shot. Also, it’s waterproof just in case you want to physically go under the water in order to retrieve that lost ball.

All of this is the good news. The bad news? The price tag is a bit hefty, clocking in at a fore-worthy $325. Hey, it’s still cheaper than the Apple Watch which, as of this writing, doesn’t do any of that golf stuff (although an app will probably come down the pike for it at some point.) The TomTom Golfer can be preordered now.