TomTom Creates Their Own Line of GPS Sports Watches


Watches used to tell time. Seriously, that’s all they did. Someone would slap this device on their wrist and use it to let attractive people on the street whether they were running late or not. As quaint as that sounds, however, the humble watch must be lauded for being one of the very first representations of wearable technology. Having said that, we are mighty thankful watches currently do a whole lot more then just tell time. Connectivity is the key to modern watches, or smartwatches if you prefer. TomTom are on top of this fact and have a brand new line of fancy sports watches to prove it.

You may remember TomTom from just about every GPS device ever made, their sultry robot voice helping you get from point A to point B. In that spirit, their new watch line are completely equipped with GPS. Intended for sports, these two watches are stupendous. The TomTom Runner is, as the name suggests, intended for running. As such, the Runner features an extra-large high resolution display that makes it easy to read when you are sweating and out of breath. The TomTom Multi-Sport is intended for, well, multiple sports but is especially great for water sports as it is fully waterproof. Cool right? Now you can make like Greg Louganis and know the time simultaneously.

Both of these sporty watches will be available this summer. TomTom has yet to give us any pricing info but as soon as we know, you’ll know. Check our videos and some more photos below.