Tom Tom Runner 3


Crunchwear reader Emma Haines recently took possession of the newest version of the popular tracker – here are her thoughts…

“I recently received the new TomTom Runner3. I have only had experience of one other watch like this before  ( not a TomTom) and I really couldn’t get on with it. There were too many functions and they took a long time to sync when outdoors. But not the TomTom Runner 3. I really love this watch . It’s sleek design sits beautifully on the wrist whether you are male or female .My wrist is quite narrow and I was worried it would seem to big but it is perfect. The screen is perfect and clear with watch and date facilities the light touch is fantastic as the screen illuminates when you place your hand on it – perfect for the evening runs or early alarm calls.

I have only used some functions of this watch for running at the moment as injury has hampered training, however the ‘route exploration’ function was easy to set up and I have used it to enable me to do a free run where I didn’t have to think about my route as I knew the watch would ‘guide me ‘ when I had tired and was ready to run home.  The TomTom 3 is easy to use and the instructions that came with the watch enabled me to set it up and use it simply and quickly. I am not completely at one with technology but I would not be with out this watch now.

I have borrowed my husbands TomTom headphones to run with they are amazing especially as I have been use to running with my phone strapped to my wrist . The headphones are clear and light weight and the clarity and tune is super. It was very simple to install my iPhone music playlist to my watch when I had downloaded the TomTom app and synced the watch with my phone.

I cannot rate this watch highly enough. I am truly a convert! The battery life on the watch is great and lasts me about 2 weeks before I need to charge it again. The battery image appears to let me know its running low. Like a phone you plug it in and it is ready to use by morning. The only negative I have experienced with this watch is that the buckle on the strap broke. I was really disappointed as the ten thousand steps function has become addictive and I have to complete it each day, so on non training days I’m up and down the stairs and walking everywhere to achieve it. I also have an ongoing competition with my husband (he is also a TomTom convert – though not a runner) to see who completes the most steps by the end of the day/ week! I managed to replace the strap with a slightly older version and the buckle seems to be thicker on this strap and so far so good!”

I know I still have a bit to trial on this watch but I feel very comfortable with it and I can confidently navigate my way around it.  I have had lots of friends comment on the aesthetics of the watch and I really cannot tell you how much I love it. If you get one you will know what I mean!”