Tokyoflash makes e-paper Rorschach wristwatch



Tokyoflash is known for a number of different watches, and they currently release a new watch every month. The latest of these watches is a very interesting piece indeed. It’s called the Kisai Rorschach, and it’s made using an e-paper display and e-ink.

Since its creation 13 years ago, Tokyoflash has become known for creating weird watches, many of which are hard to understand yet alone find a use for. Among these interesting time pieces is a set of steel cuffs that tell the time in morse code.

Tokyoflash could just make a watch with e-paper and leave it at that. But that would be too easy. Instead they’ve decided to make it somewhat of a puzzle using inkblots to read the time. Not only that, but users can change the level of difficulty of the puzzle, with levels being easy, medium, and hard.

On this particular watch, a squiggle on the top right represents the hour, on the bottom left is the minute, and the rest of the ink is a mirror image of those squiggles. There is a button on the side of the watch that changes difficulty, or can change whats being displayed to show a readout of the date and time.

Tokyoflash essentially views their watches as wearable art, with names to match. One of their first watches was called “Pump Trip the Light Fantastic”. They certainly are unique!

Tokyoflash does not get the ideas for the watches on their own, however. They usually post a number of ideas for watches on their blog, where readers of the blog can vote for their favorite ones. Some of the ideas end up being made into real timepieces, such as this latest design.

All of Tokyoflashes watches retail for less than $200, and they’ve made a whopping 70 watches so far. Not only that, but the watches can become a talking point between the wearer and other people around them, and once the wearer gets used to telling time on the watch it gets easier and easier. Until they change the difficulty that is!