Tokyoflash Kisai OTO watch actually reacts to sound


The trend these days is for smart watches. These watches do just about everything your smartphone does, from reading and sending texts, to checking your email and even, with some, playing an assortment of games. But what is left for us normal folk, those among us who just want a sort of normal watch? After all, our phones are just a two foot trip to our pockets. It’t not as if we need our watches to do all of the things our phone does. What is there for us?

Tokyoflash, who have been a popular topic on this very blog, are in the business of making really cool, tech-forward watches that do stuff other than interact with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Proof? Their latest creation, Kisai OTO, comes equipped with a sound sensor that actually reacts to the world around you. This reaction comes in the form of an equalizer display, which changes depending on what kind of wattage it is picking up. Of course, it also tells time and comes with an alarm and a classy looking black anodized aluminum strap. Even cooler? It can be charged via USB. There will be no more pathetically wallowing at the watch store looking for a battery for this old wrist, that is for sure.

The watch is available for order now. How much will it cost? It is on sale for a limited time at the low, low price of $99. We aren’t making that up to be cheeky. It is actually on sale for a limited time. Sometimes real life and infomercial life happen to intertwine. Now who wants a Salad Shooter?