Tokyoflash Kisai Maru is Another Beautiful Wooden Timepiece


In the immortal words of Kenny Rogers as he lovingly prepares roasted chicken, “it’s the wood that makes it good.” Those words have never been truer than in the world of wearable technology. You’d think wood would be absolutely antithetical to high tech gadgets but, if you think about it, the combination makes sense. The more we escalate into the tech-driven stratosphere, the more we tend to long for those olden days. Stuff that is made from wood satisfies both of those needs. Hey, speaking of stuff made from wood, here is another cool watch from Tokyoflash. 

The company, who you may remember from making cool watches more often than you or I change our underwear, is back with the Kisai Maru. A similar watch has already been manufactured by the company, but this new version comes in, well, wood. You can see in the photos just how stunning it looks. Tony Stark would be pleased. Aside from aesthetics, the Maru is known for an interesting watchface which turns telling time into something of an art. The inner facing-hand still points to the hour, the outward pointing-hand remains associated with minutes. It uses a standard watch battery, which convenient. Also, as an added bonus, maybe you won’t have to take it off while going through airport security. The jury is still out on that one.

For the next couple of days, you can snag the watch for just $99. The price will soon go up, however, so you had better get that web browser a-clickin and that credit card a-payin. Here is a video.