Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated Watch Can Tell if You’ve Been Drinking


Summer means lots and lots of outdoor barbecues. That, of course, means lots and lots of ice cold brewskis. Getting in a car after you’ve had a few is not only a bad idea in that you can hurt yourself or others way but it’s also a bad idea in the “having to deal with a DUI is one of the most annoying things in history” way. It can cost so many hundreds of dollars and you can lose your license for a year or more. In short, it is no fun(So I hear. My record is squeaky clean.) Luckily, wearable technology is on the case to save us from the worst villains we know – ourselves.

Tokyoflash, who are known for making an absolute boatload of weird and occasionally useful watches, are back with their aptly named Kisai Intoxicated watch. As the name suggests, it comes packed in with a breathalyzer so you’ll know if you are above the legal limit to get behind the wheel. It works via a series of changing LED colors which alert you to your approximate drunkenness level. It also comes packed in with a minigame that tests your reflexes. If you are too hammered, just sit back with a few tall waters and wait a spell. The watch also tells time, as they tend to do.

The watch is available now and for a limited time can be purchase for just $99. That’s like just one single hour with a slimeball attorney. It all evens out in the end. Here is a video of this watch doing what it does best, crushing the hopes and dreams of would-be drunk drivers.