Tokyoflash Kisai Adjust watch tells time via trippy triangles


The humble, eternally fashionable watch does exactly what it needs to do. They tell time. Sure, nowadays watches are, more or less, smartphones in disguise but the beginnings of the watch is sort of the beginnings of wearable technology itself. To celebrate the evolution of the wristwatch, and thus wearable tech in its entirety, one company is giving watches an artsy and rather bizarre makeover. Take it away, boys!

Wait, it’s still me. Anyways, Tokyoflash, who are no stranger to bizarre watch designs, are at it again. The company has just launched the Kisai Adjust wristwatch. What’s the hook in this new timepiece? It’s all in how you actually use it to tell, um, time. It uses LED-lit triangles to tell the time in the most trippy fashion imaginable, using shapes that only a trained wearer could make heads or tails out of. At least this way, if you are ever captured by spies, they won’t be able to use you to find out what time it is.

You can switch the colors around at leisure, thus the ‘adjust’ portion of its monkier, and it even be charged via USB. Not bad for an ‘old school’ wristwatch. It is available now at the very reasonable price of $149. Beware, however, that price is only temporarily. Soon the price will shoot up to $179. You had better snag your bizarre triangle watch sooner rather than later.

Check a video of the watch in action, then stare longingly at some pictures. Beautiful aint it?