Tokyo researchers figure out way to control your hand and teach it skills


Tokyo researchers, in their infinite wisdom, have figured out a way to control your hand. Yes, it sounds straight out of a horror movie. The project name, PosessedHand, doesn’t do much to help that image. Of course, the researchers assure us that this is all done in the name of science and progress. There are some cool ideas attached to the tech, after all.

How does it work? Electrodes of course. They wrap around your arm, and thanks to the magic of computers, then send signals to your fingers essentially making them do what they are told. Yes, there will probably be a middle finger program before too long. Once the hackers get ahold of it anyways.

The project is being undertaken by University of  Tokyo and Sony Computer Science Lab. No word on when this tech will be ready to scare regular people but we imagine it won’t be too long. Next step, we’ll all be guitar virtuosos.