Today in Google Glass – Monthly Update and Google Bans Facial Recognition


Explorers, aka early adopters, have had their Google Glass virtual reality headsets for over a month now. There has been much discussion on the good and bad about the device, not only here but all across this great wonderland we call the Internet. Today is not the time to discuss the relative benefits or problems with the device, besides I don’t have one(dagnabbit.) However, the whole point of this stilted rollout is to work out the kinks before it goes into mass production. Consider these “explorers” more like “beta testers.” In any event, there is quite a lot that is new with Glass today.

First up, Google rolled out another monthly update today. This is going to be a trend. Glass owners can expect an update around once a month, which should keep software complaints to a minimum. After all, if you are having an issue it surely won’t be long until it is fixed. Today’s update featured some nifty upticks on the camera functionality. First of all, those crisp and clear HDR photos are now possible with the device. You can also now add captions to any photos you take. We think it’s time to use this $1,5000 device to take a picture of a pizza slice with the caption “yummmmmmm.”

Also, Google has issued some bans in the last couple of days. They will not be accepting any new software that uses facial recognition technology. To some, that is the entire point of Glass but to others it is an Orwellian nightmare of the highest order. It looks like we’ve staved off that nightmare for now. Speaking of nightmares, Google has also issued a statement saying they will not be issuing any permits for adult software. To some, that is the entire point of Glass but to others they have, well, every other device they own to look at this on.