Today in Google Glass – Fake Glasses and American Manufacture


Longtime readers of this blog know we are rather, um, excited about the forthcoming Google Glass smartglasses device. To the uninitiated, Google Glass is Google’s awesome attempt to turn the world into a dystopian wasteland by donning humanity with glasses that can record video and otherwise do everything your phone does. The tech is really cool and has already prompted just about every other tech company on the planet to announce their own versions. Well, two big new things happened this week in the world of Google’s impending baby. Let’s go over them, shall we?

First on the docket, this item is so anticipated that people have already begun making their own fake versions to fool people into thinking they’ve snagged a pair. There is a design for these dupes up on the Internet for use with 3D printers. This particular design was fashioned by new media artist Sander Veenhof and printed with an Ultimaker 3D Printer. As you can see from the photo above, it looks legit. Too bad it doesn’t actually do anything. Oh well. Glass beggars can’t be glass choosers.

Next up, Google has announced that these smartglasses will be manufactured in the good ole US of A. That is basically unheard for a tech device, which manufacture usually being shipped to China at, ahem, Foxconn. These smartglasses will be put together at a facility in Santa Clara, California and will begin going out to a select group of consumers any month now. Let’s here it for home soil manufacturing! Google definitely won some PR points with this decision.