Today in Google Glass – Battleship-esque Game and Hidden App Market


Google Glass. You can’t get by a week, or even a few days, without hearing some new tidbit about this wearable wonder. To the uninitiated, Glass is an eyewear device that effectively gives you augmented/virtual reality wherever you go and while doing whatever it is you do. The device isn’t technically available for purchase, but early adopters who were willing to shell out $1,500 did get their hands on one. As this wealthy userbase increases, more and more apps and news are getting dropped on us regarding the device. Here are two more snippets to tide you over until you can get one of your own.

First up, game selection on the device is dryer than the Sahara desert but we finally have one for you. Introducing GlassBattle, a game that, well, OK so it’s just a complete clone of classic board game Battleship. However, it’s a complete clone of Battleship that is played via a virtual reality layout over the Internet. That right there makes it special. It plays exactly how you’d think, with your voice controlling the action and not your clumsy meat hooks. All in all, it looks like a pretty fun way to spend an afternoon.

Next up, it seems some of the more mischievous hackers in the Glass community have taken it upon themselves to give the newest update a complete teardown. They’ve come back at us with some interesting information. There might be a hidden “boutique app store” within the miles and miles of code that makes up the newest update. We’ll let you know if and when this Boutique app store goes live.