Today in Glass – Play Store Coming Soon and Google Makes Interesting Buy


Google Glass. Those two words are synonymous with cool and futuristic wearable technology. Ever since the Glass device became a blip on our radar, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to let our loyal readers know when something new is afoot. After all, Glass is the biggest thing in wearable tech and we are a blog dedicated to it. It’s a match made in wearable heaven. It’s like, uh, wearable peanut butter and wearable jelly. In any event, since the official launch is a ways off we have two pieces of news that should be of interest to those of you on the fence about whether or not to buy one of these puppies when they become available.

First off, the absence of Google’s Play Store has long been a troubling part of the Glass experience. The Play Store, after all, it their flagship digital marketplace. However, rumors swirl that this omission is about to be handled with extreme prejudice(wait what?) According to the republic of hackers, Google has begun implementing Play Store-friendly code within new Glass updates. So now, it’s all a matter of when and not if. Hopefully within a few weeks. In any event it will be well before you can buy one at Best Buy as the launch date is not until next year.

Next up, one of the key components of the Glass device is the nifty liquid-crystal silicon chips that power the display. These are manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Himax. Google does not own any part of this company, until now. They just bought 6.3 percent of it. This may not be a commanding share but it is certainly a sizable chunk and proof positive that they are feeling what Himax is putting down. If you catch my drift. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.