Today in Glass – More Explorer Units to Go Out and Google Starts Creative Collective


Unless you’ve been hiding underneath a very large and well fortified rock, you no doubt have heard of Google Glass. Also, if you have been living underneath said rock how are you even on this website? Do they have Internet there? But I digress, Google’s futuristic eyewear display thingamabob has taken the world by storm and it is not even “officially” out yet. I say officially because early adopters that were hand-picked by Google have been sent their units but it will likely differ from the retail model. Today in Google Glass, there are now more of these units available for purchase and Google is starting a video collective for Glass enthusiasts.

First up, break out the old checkbooks and get to know a tech geek. Google has extended their Explorer promotion to friends of people who already own Glass. It’s like Willy Wonka though. Each person only gets one ticket to hand out to their closest and richest friend. Richest? Oh yeah. They still cost $1,500 plus whatever you are paying your friend for the ticket. Another caveat? You have to head to a Google headquarters on either coast in order to pick it up. They won’t be mailing these bad boys. Google has always been extremely terrified of mail carriers.

Next, to further prove they are hip to what cool, creative types are into these days. Google has started a Glass-themed creative collective, called the Glass Creative Collective. This initiative teams the company up with several colleges around the country, where students will be versed in the ways of the Glass. These Jedi Glass warriors will then go out into the world and make great stuff, hopefully using the tech. You can find out more about this, including what schools it is heading to, here. In the meantime, keep looking toward the stars and recording it with your eyewear display.