Today in Glass – System Update and New iOS Companion App


If you’ve spent any time reading Crunchwear, and one can assume you have given that you are reading this right now, you no doubt know of our love and curiosity surrounding Google’s amazing Glass device. This is the gadget that started it all. The thing that took wearable technology from the “hmm” arena to the “hmm!” arena. Ever since they unveiled these VR-enabled smartglasses, the rest of the world has been trying to play catch up. Some of these copycat devices are awesome in their own right, but the original flavor still has some surprises up its sleeve. Today we take a look at all of the new developments in the world of Google Glass.

First up, start your engines. Google has announced a new firmware update that brings a host of new features to the device. This major update, dubbed XE 12, solidifies the gadget’s ties to the iOS operating system, for one. It also allows for the taking of pictures simply by winking your eye. There’s also a host of new security options, making owning a pair of these safer than ever. Finally, they revamped the Google Hangouts functionality, finally making it less hassle and more, uh, whatever the opposite of hassle is.

Next, speaking of that newly constructed bridge of friendship between Glass and iOS devices, here is some related functionality. There is a new iOS app that allows users to control their Glass remotely, through their phone or tablet. The app is predictably called MyGlass and is free to Glass users. I suppose its also free for non-Glass uses but why would you want it?