Today in Glass – Redesign Finally Gets Pictured


All’s been quiet on the Google Glass front the past few weeks, but we’ve all known something big was brewing. Reports have been swirling that Google has been quietly and frantically prepping to unleash Glass V2.0 on the world. Those rumors? Totally correct. We nailed it! To the newbs, Glass is a VR eyewear device that turns the world around around you into your digital playground. Wanna watch holographic texts and videos that float right in front of you? Glass can do that and a whole lot more. In short, this device will probably revolutionize everything, once they get it right. The company seems to have taken several more steps towards that eventuality.

The second iteration of Glass has some notable improvements, and this is without knowing the exact specs. On first glance, you can see the Glass-branded earbud that fits into your ear and, one would surmise, sends audio signals right into your ears. Also, the designers have finally made Glass useable with prescription eyewear. The almost sightless among us can now experience what all the tech-heavy hullabaloo is about. As a glasses wearer myself, I am thankful. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these units, that is for sure.

As far as when that’ll actually happen, or when we’ll even have more information about this second generation’s innards, we have no idea. We do know that Google plans on releasing the devices into the hands of beta testers any day now. Maybe one of them we’ll leak information to us and then we’ll come back at you with all of the details. Muhaha. That probably won’t happen though.