Today in Glass – Oakley and Ray-Ban Get On Board and Cool Newspaper App


Even though Oculus Rift is the big news of the last couple of days doesn’t mean that the other big tech-forward wearable is taking a break. After all, as far as real world functionality goes, Google’s Glass eyewear device is light years ahead of the Rift. Although Rift certainly has the advantage when it comes to video games, if Glass’s paltry offerings thus far is any indication of what we’ll get when the consumer grade model drops. In any event, here are a couple of things that have been up with Google’s pride and joy over the last couple of days. It’s time for today in Glass.

First up, there has been much speculation as to if eyewear manufacturers will begin integrating Glass into future iterations of their glasses. After all, having to wear prescription glasses or sunglasses over your Glass device would be annoying at best. Well, here is the good news. Two new glasses manufacturers have jumped on board a partnership with the big G. The companies? Oakley and Ray-Ban, two of the biggest glasses and sunglasses makers around. So when this thing finally, finally(finally) launches, you can be sure to not look like a total dweeb(only a partial dweeb.)

Next up, some industrious developers are designing an app that makes reading a newspaper with Glass even more interesting. The app is being called, for now, AIR and it aims to make reading the newspaper(and other periodicals, we imagine) more like reading a website. This means that pictures will seamlessly integrate with video and other web-specific odds and ends. When you remember these images and videos will appear right in front of you, like a hologram, the concept starts to seem pretty cool. More on this as it develops.