Today in Glass – Let There Be Video Games


Google Glass. It can do a whole lot of things. It can let you see text messages floating in thin air so close it seems like you can actually reach out and grab them. It’ll check your email just by issuing a voice command. Again, it can throw this email up in the air. It throws other things up in the air as well, including directions, videos and, if you are lucky, pornography(just kidding.) One thing Google Glass has yet to wrap its head around, however, is games. Video gaming is an essential part of any full fledged gadget so we knew it was only a matter of time before Google got in on the act in regards to its Glass device. Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over(sorta.)

The company has just shown off a few games for the eyewear device. Now, these aren’t full featured epic titles that, we hope, are sure to come one day. Rather, they are the sort of simplistic time wasters that typified the early days of smartphones. First up, there is a fun looking Fruit Ninja clone. Also, there’s tennis, a garden variety matching game, something that looks sort of like virtual Jenga and a clay shooting title that is straight up Duck Hunter. Even though these games may seem simple, and they are, it must be remembered that these are rendered as holograms that float in front of your flippin’ head.

Of course, Glass isn’t even out to the layman yet so these games are a far way off from being able to be played. Sigh. Here is a video to see some of them in action, in case you are curious and we know you are.