Today in Glass – Google Reportedly Working Hard on Glass 2


Every now and again we like to check in on our favorite search engine creator/everything else creator to see how things are coming along in Glass land. To the uninitiataed, Google’s Glass device is an amazing little gadget that you wear like glasses and offers up an introduction into the wild, wooly world of virtual reality. Useful info gets “overlaid” on top of the real world and you instantly become a cyborg. Yay cyborgs! In today’s edition, we take a look into all of the work Google has been secretly putting into the second iteration of the device, as well as some of the cosmetic and functional changes therein.

One of the major problems with the original Glass was aesthetics. In short, they made you look like a total dork. Google has reportedly partnered up with popular, and hip, glasses manufacturer Warby Parker to nip this problem in the fancy looking bud. We can expect a device that more resembles traditional eyewear, and less resembles something that blind people wore on Star Trek. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We all know LaForge was a total butt kicker.

Another rumor indicates that Glass 2 is nearer to completion than previously anticipated, and would launch as early as late winter. The theory here is that Glass 2 would actually be Glass 1, as far as your average consumer is concerned. You see, even though many people own Glass it actually has yet to officially “release.” This is, for all intents and purposes, a beta version for early adopters. Glass 2 would, then, be the one that would finally show up on store shelves. This information comes to us thanks to Mary Lou Jepson, one of the lead designers for Google X, who is responsible for making Glass.