Today in Glass – Google Courts Developers and Play Now Available


Let’s hear it for Google Glass everybody! This snazzy eyewear device isn’t even available to your garden variety consumer yet and its star is already ridiculously bright. Once this baby starts showing up in Best Buy and the price becomes more attractive to window shoppers, it just might set the world on fire(in a good way, or at least a cool way.) Still, before that happens, Google is busy tweaking and adding new functionality to the device. On that note, here is another amazing edition of today in Google Glass. On the docket today? The company courts developers and Google Play is now available to use with the gadget.

Reports indicate that Google has become courting developers to buy the system, thus giving them the ability to reverse engineer and create apps for the device. They’ve sent out some snazzy looking invitations to some of the more popular app developers on this great, green planet Earth. They are calling it the expanded Explorer Program, as each early adopter is formally noted by Google to be an “explorer.” As far as price goes, I think even developers have to rock the massive $1,500 price tag for each unit. That’s not exactly attractive but, hey, it takes money to make money.

Next, one feature that has been mysteriously absent from Google Glass has been the ability to use Google Play music streaming service. What is there to do when wearing a virtual eyewear device if not listen to music? Anyways, it is now available in a new system update so you early adopters can now jam whatever tunes your little heart desires. Of course, like most Glass apps, the functionality of Play is accessible via voice commands. Cool!