Today in Glass – Explorers Get Hardware Upgrade and WordPress Support


Oh Google, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Wait, we forgot how to count because we’ve been relying on your search engine to do anything math-related for the past decade or so. Drat. Oh well. In any event, we sure are amped about your forthcoming(or already here, depending on who you ask) VR eyewear device, Google Glass. Every now and again, we like to discuss the newest and hottest happenings with the newest and hottest techy specs. As you may have read here, Glass with corrective lenses have been spotted but that’s not all the big G has gotten up to today. Read and find out.

First up, Glass Explorers are getting a hardware upgrade for cheap, real cheap. How cheap? Free. The company has sent explorers, which is code for early adopters who bought the first version for a whopping $1,500, a notice indicating that they can send in their old devices and get the upgrade mailed to them lickedity split. This is not a mandatory upgrade, but Google did note that they will no longer be making applications for the old hardware so, unless you want a $1,500 paperweight, you had better comply. Hey, free stuff is always good.

Next, it seems you can now make blog posts right from your Glass device. Users of popular blogging platform WordPress (hey, wait we use that) can now access a third party plugin created by PR firm Weber Shandwick. The app works simply enough, allowing you to post pictures and video to your blog in under a minute. You can make long form blog posts as well but that will take much longer than a minute. We aren’t sure if you can use glass to create Photoshops based on popular memes, however.