Today in Glass – Control the UI With Android Devices and Tons of New Features


Nobody gets imaginations going quicker than Google’s game-changing eyewear device, Glass. Since it was first announced a couple of years ago, it has gone to become the “must have” device in wearable technology. It’s not even out yet for general consumers, one must also keep in mind. The only people who have gotten their hands on one are early adopters, who Google affectionately refers to as “explorers.” Still, the big G is constantly updating various features of the device so it can be pitch perfect when it finally hits store shelves proper. Here is some stuff that has been going on.

First up, Google has added Android device functionality to the UI. This MyGlass update has long been asked for by early adopters because, well, controlling it just with head gestures can be awkward at times. This update makes it so you can control the device exclusively with your Android tablet or phone should you desire. Or you can do what we’d do, which is use a little bit of both. Head nods for things we want to do on the sly and Android device use for everything else. The update isn’t perfect yet, however, with some users complaining that Google Plus functionality is a bit wonky.

Next, Google has also added a pretty hefty update to the device itself. This new update adds a slew of little features, including the ability to browse most of the device’s functionality via spoken command. That already existed for some stuff but now it extends to the furthest reaches of use, including web searches and more. There’s also a new service called ‘vignettes’ which lets you overlay contextual information over pictures that you take with Glass. This could be interesting.