Today in Glass – Applications in the Worlds of Firefighting and Beauty Schooling


All over the world. You can hear it. A slight whisper that is slowly growing into a deafening roar. That roar is a massive throng of people chanting “Glass. Glass. Glass. Glass.” Are they talking about coffee cups, dining room tables or, uh, Apple stores? No siree. They are talking about Google’s fantastic, sort of out and sort of forthcoming, Glass device. This VR/AR eyewear futuristic thingamajig has taken the world by storm, and it’s not even officially out yet. However, many early adopters have their hands on them and the word is, in a word, whoa. We like to focus in on some new Glass news when it comes down the pipe and, well, here it is.

First up, a firefighter named Patrick Jackson is developing a Glass app specifically designed with firefighting in mind. The application will automatically beam relevant information to firefighters as they journey to a job. This info includes building schematics and layouts, fire hydrant locations and, for people trapped in cars, vehicle schematics alongside the correct ways to make life-saving cuts. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Holy shnikey this is cool. It will be awhile before this starts showing up in firehouses, but hey, at least we know it is coming.

Next, and similarly although not at all, Google Glass is starting to be used as a hands-on teaching tool in beauty schools. Wait, beauty schools? Yes, beauty schools. L’Oreal has just announced their Matrix Class for Glass, which gives clients and beauty school students a stylists-eye view of your head. What are the benefits of this? Well, you can get your hair cut without ‘getting your hair cut’ if you know what I mean. Wink wink nudge nudge. We’ll let you know when this becomes available to the general public. In the meantime, you’ll have to get your hair styled by a person who isn’t wearing a cyborg-like eye appendage.

Patrick Jackson