Tobii’s futuristic gaze-tracking glasses could have a variety of uses


If you had asked us this same time last year if futuristic glasses were poised to take over the consumer market we’d have fitted you with some stronger prescription lenses. Still, that is exactly what is happening. It seems as if every day there is a new, hot, innovative pair of super specs being prepped for sale. Google started the landslide with the pending release of their snazzy model, but they are now surrouned by a glut of competitors. Well, book your trip to the Sunglass Hut now, because there is yet another contender entering the fray.

Tobii, who have been on the cusp of eye-tracking technology for quite a while, have been quietly slaving away at their own pair of smartglasses. They officially unveiled the unit at this year’s CES but the prototype model was bulky and short on features. They have renovated their gaze-tracking glasses in a big way. Not only are they lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, but they are now potentially useful and, dare we say, world-changing.

The glasses are completely see through and track your gaze in real time. That visual information can then be recorded or used in a variety of functions. What can you do with this tech? Well, you could track where professional doctors look when they make diagnoses based on X-rays or MRIs, and then use that data to teach medical students what to look for. You could put a pair of the glasses on veteran police officers while they run through simulations, and compare their eye movements with those of n00bs to improve training. You can do the same with drivers, pilots, engineers and any a host of other expertise-driven fields. The company also states the tech could be used to obtain a better understanding of autistics and those suffering from similar brain disorders.

Of course, Tobii’s wonder glasses are a long way off. The company has yet to announce pricing and availability so you have quite a while to wait before you snap these bad boys up. At least the tech exists and is working right now though.