Toast Heated Clothes warm up the places other brands just don’t


Guys! Have you noticed? It’s really cold out there! That can only mean one of two things. Winter is either approaching in earnest or, well, hell has finally frozen over. If it’s the latter, your mom has no right to complain when you perform an errand slowly from here on out. If it’s the former, you are gonna need to figure out ways to remain temperate. Sure, indoors is easy. There is the old-fashioned heater and its ilk. What about when you venture out? You can’t be a shut-in for five months, after all.

That is where heated clothing comes in. This sector of the wearable technology market is, well, heating up considerably in recent years. There is a new player on the market. The company is called Toast and they have a novel idea to heating that is all their own. Toast Heated Clothes work similarly to hand warmers, in that they offer pockets of heating throughout the garment instead of just one heating unit(which is the usual method.) They strategically place small warming devices in special hidden pockets that work to keep you at your normal body temperature, even in the dead of winter.

Each product the company makes is designed to last for 8-12 hours in one session. Perfect for an outdoor sporting event, no? The company also indicates that each garment can be layered if you are the type that really, really hates the cold. No need to be embarrassed. We understand. They are available now. Get em while they are hot(sorry.)