TN Games 3rd Space Vest


TN Games 3rd Space Vest
The 3rd Space Vest is one of the coolest new devices out right now. The 3rd Space vest is a vest for computer gamers that will allow them to physically feel feel game events such as getting hit, stabbed, or punched.

The 3rd Space Vest, is developed by TN Games and was unveiled last week at the E for All video game exposition in Los Angeles.The technology inside the 3rd Space Vest was originally designed for use as a medical device by Dr. Mark Ombrellaro, a US surgeon and CEO of TN Games. Ombrellaro was working on a way to give medical exams via the Internet to prisoners, the elderly, those in rural communities and people that live in isolated regions with very limited access to medical services.

The medical version is used to poke and press patients’ bodies remotely and get feedback on what they are feeling. Being a medical device, the vest needs approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which usually is a lengthy process.

No wonder that Dr. Ombrellaro was looking for other uses of his development and came up with the 3rd Space Vest to the delightment of computer gamers.

The 3rd Space Vest uses 8 pneumatic cells embedded within the vest. The cells are designed to simulate the direction and force of bullet fire in a first-person-shooter game.

TN Games states to have patches available via the internet once the vest ships for other FPS’s such as Quake 3, Quake 4, Call of Duty and Doom 3.

Next year, the company plans to ship a version of the vest that will mimic G-forces and turning pressures for flight and car games.

Personally its about time were finally seeing Wearable Electronic technologies catching on as a new dimension for game accessories.

Special light effects and sound effects with some physical (rumpling) feedback on the joystick exists already but Wearable Electronic technologies would allow us to sense the excitement level (some might call it stress) of the gamer and use it as additional parameter for the game.

I am by no means a gamer myself but I could imagine a whole new experience level opening up for gaming using sensors to catch the physical condition of the heros of the game and play with the emotions. Maybe this could lead to less violent games if one gets beaten up all the time 😉

You can pre-order the vest at their site now, in either black or camouflage. The regular price is $189, but if you pre-order you get a $20 discount. The vests will ship November 21st, just right for the holiday season with the long days inside.

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