TitanArm Exoskeleton Essentially Gives You Superpowers


You have most definitely heard of a little metallic guy called Iron Man, right? This Marvel superhero is on his way to a third blockbuster movie, which means even more gold-encrusted hot tubs for star Robert Downey Jr. However, the actual tech behind something like that is so far off that we are likely to never see something like it in our lifetimes, right? Not so fast, you cynical goofs! The exciting world of exoskeleton technology certainly helps the handicapped live fuller lives, but can also be used to give us augmented strength and, well, something resembling superpowers.

Introducing the TitanArm Exoskeleton, this device wraps around your arm and gives that arm superhuman strength. Where you may have strained to life even a 20lb weight, you can now curl 50lb or more without breaking a sweat. That’s because the exoskeleton is doing most of the work. Like most exoskeletons, the TitanArm was developed with the handicapped in mind, however it can be used by just about anyone to up their arm strength. It works via an aluminum frame, a powerful motor a series of specialized cables. In short, it’s the coolest thing to happen to arms since wife beater t-shirts.


Even cooler? This tech could eventually be applied to legs as well. Wearing a similar device on all four limbs would pretty much turn you into Iron Man, minus the flying around and womanizing. As far as the flying goes, give the wearable technology industry a few more years. Check out a video of the arm in action below and, beware, do not ever agree to an arm wrestling match with anyone wearing this.