Titan Arm Exoskeleton Turns You Into a Super Human


The world of exoskeleton technology is certainly a rapidly advancing one. It wasn’t so long ago that this kind of tech seemed like something out of science fiction, and not science fact. Now, however, the technology is real and in your face harder than a drunken Robert Downey Jr. in a robot suit. Most of these devices are used to help the physically disabled. However, once in a while, the wizards over in science land make something that exists just to augment our strength. In other words, to turn us from mere mortals into super mortals. Here is one such device.

It’s called the Titan Arm Exoskeleton and its essentially an external arm you wear over your real arm. What does it do? It gives your arm enough strength to quite literally lift a car(almost.) All told, it augments your arm strength to give you an extra 40 lbs of lifting strength. Can you imagine if you had this thing back when you were dealing with school yard bullies? You woulda pulverized them! Also, in case you were wondering, the Titan Arm is created via the magic of 3D printing. Futuristic in and futuristic out, that’s what I always say.

The device lasts eight hours on a single charge, but won’t be showing up on store shelves any time soon. However, the creators did just win a plush $45,000 grant to finish creating this modern marvel. So who knows? Maybe one day soon you’ll be beating up bullies in style(Actually, don’t punch people while wearing this device. You are liable to kill them.)