Tipping the scales in your heart’s favour


Consumer electronics firm Withings has designed a set of scales that can check the health of your heart as well as your weight, the company claims.
The device, Body Cardio, is able to measure pulse wave velocity, which is produced by the beating of the heart and can correlate with hypertension (high blood pressure). Normally, pulse wave velocity can only be measured in a clinical setting, according to the French company’s press release.

“Body Cardio can detect when blood is pumped from your heart and it measures the rate at which pulse waves move along your arteries,” Rachel Glum, a copywriter for Withings, said on the company’s blog.

“The stiffer your arteries, the more quickly blood moves through your body. Conversely, a low pulse wave velocity indicates more flexible arteries and lower blood pressure.”

The device is paired with Withings Health Mate app, which can interpret the measurements and suggest recommendations to improve cardiovascular health.