These Tiny Fiber Implants Can Transform Your Brain


The human brain is a strange, yet beautiful, thing. It controls every single nanosecond of our day, from when we wake up in the morning cursing the heavens til we, uh, go to sleep at night still cursing those same heavens. In any event, it’s the most complex and least understood organ in our bodies and, well, when things go wrong with it you are pretty much screwed. Brain tech is still pretty much in the dark ages. We’ve been using the same meds to treat depression for, what, 40 years? Luckily, some visionaries out there are trying to bring brain medicine into the wearable tech generation. Here is a forthcoming piece of technology that could save you both literal and figurative headaches.

These brain implants use a new kind of flexible fiber technology. What does this mean? It means the implants are tiny, like nano-sized tiny. This means any brain implants employing this technique would be the least invasive way to put something in your brain since the invention of that ‘learning through osmosis’ Garfield poster that hung up in your grade school library. The implants can be customized to carry electricity, chemicals or even light, depending on what you need. Need all three? They can potentially do that too. Ah. Sweet, sweet light.

The downside? The process to create these nanofibers is extremely slow. Like, brain-numbingly slow. However, the potential to help patients struggling with disorders such as Parkinson’s is monumental. In a few years, once they get the process down to a, uh, science, this is going to help a whole lot of lives. In the meantime, there’s always beer.