Tiny Cardio Wristband Monitors Your Heart Rate


The weather is getting to be what the experts and scientists like to call “nippy.” Pretty soon we’ll have a full on wintry mix on our hands. You know what that means. It’s time to sit on the couch and not move our bodies for the next six months. Before that time comes in earnest, we should make an attempt to get in shape. The weather is still decent enough for a nice jog or at least a nice walk around the block. But, as we all know, laying around is a cruel and alluring mistress. Luckily, wearable technology is on the case to get us off of our keisters.

Introducing another neat vitality monitor appropriately named the Cardio Wristband. This, uh, cardio tracking wristband monitors our heart levels and shoots them back to the mobile phone of our choice. The hook? This thing is both tiny and light. You’ll barely know you are wearing it, which is a far cry from jogging with a clunky phone in your pocket or a clunky watch around your wrist. It just may be all the boost you need to get out there and start sweating. If that doesn’t work you can always pretend you are being chased by velociraptors.

This tech, which uses the same heart monitoring system that is found in hospitals, is also relatively cheap. You can put in an early bird order for one by plunking down to $89. How do you d that? By heading to their Kickstarter page of course. As usual for this kind of nifty wearable tech, it’s not quite funded yet. We’ll let you know when it is.