This Tiny Card Looks to Replace Your Wallet


Listen. We all need wallets(or purses.) They store all of our important junk. In addition to money, they store an endless array of membership cards, receipts and, uh, condom packages from 1998(These can’t still be good guys.) However, wallets can take up a lot of valuable pocket real estate, especially with every gadget under the sun vying for that space. What if there could be a new kind of wallet that took up virtually no space at all? What if this wallet was heavy on the tech and heavy on the usefulness? Well, then that’d be a mighty interesting proposition indeed. Don’t look now but this “wallet” is about to go from science fiction to science fact.

Introducing Coin, a device that clocks in about the size of a debit card that seems to replace the traditional wallet forever. All told, it can store the information and usefulness of eight of your usual wallet denizens. This means credit cards, debit cards and even gym memberships. Of course, it doesn’t cop the functionality of that ancient condom but, hey, not any one gadget can do everything. It works via an instantaneous connection with your smartphone using a related app. The tech is actually quite simple and quite ingenious. It’s also swipe-able for use at stores and stuff.

Coin isn’t coming until summer of 2014 but you can preorder one now here. How much will one Coin cost? Around $55. Say, that’s about the price of a pretty good wallet.