Timex Throws Their Hat Into the Smartwatch Ring


Timex is one of the oldest names in watches. As a matter of fact, that name is so iconic that they area always synonymous with the dang things. They’ve been making quality timepieces for as long as quality timepieces have been a thing so it is a little surprising to note that they haven’t jumped in on the smartwatch craze yet. We all know that this is the future of watch-wear, so where is one of the market leaders? Well, hold your horses, they are coming. Timex just announced two snazzy smartwatches. They are diving in to the wearable tech battle in a big, big way.

The first of these two just announced timepieces is the Timex Ironman Move X20, a watch that has the power to turn you into Robert Downey Jr! Wait, that’s not right. Actually, it’s a snazzy fitness tracking smartwatch that is filled to the brim with bells and whistles. It features 3D accelerometer tech, a sleep tracker, a pedometer, sensors for tracking workouts and more. The Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS, on the other hand, throws GPS into the mix. It does this at the expense of some of the functionality found in the Move, however, including those workout sensors (it still tracks running distance.)

These products will be available in time for that big rush of holiday purchasing, which means you can actually buy them now. The Move X20 will set you back $120 while the Run X20 will cost just $100. Pick ’em both up and be that weird guy with multiple watches on his arms.