Time Traveller Watch Tells Time Everywhere at Once


Watches suck! I mean, they rule and all but they have some severe limitations. For one, they can only tell time in one location concurrently. Sure, you can switch the clock around to display time zones from all over the world but what’s the point? You are viewing them seconds apart from one another. You may as well hop on a plane and fly to the desired location and go to a nearby restaurant and look at a clock. Surely technology must find a way to allow us, the denizens of Earth, to view every timezone at once. If we can’t do that then what is to become of us?

Don’t worry! It’s happened. It’s finally happened. Introducing the Time Traveller watch by Mr Jones Watches. Guess what this mischievous little thing does? It tells time everywhere at once. Even cooler, it does so using hands that are shaped to look like famous landmarks. For instance, if you want to know what time it is in England, just look for the (little) Big Ben. New York City? Just keep an eye out for the baby Statue of Liberty(and so on.) All told there are close to twenty locations/landmarks to gaze at lovingly. Now whenever anybody asks you what time it is in Paris, you can ogle that tower and give them the answer without having to Google. That is sure to be a big hit at timezone-themed parties.

You can get your hands on one here. It’ll set you back around $225, but whats a couple of hundred bucks to have the entire world in your hands? Check the video of the watch in action below.