Tim Cook: “The Wrist Is Interesting”


Have we finally gotten the hint we’ve been looking for that the iWatch is on its way? We definitely might have! Tim Cook recently was interviewed at the D11 conference, and said some very interesting things.

One of the topics that came up during the interview was wearable technology, and Cook seemed to express quite a bit of interest in the industry, and proved it by pointing out the Nike Fuelband that he was wearing. Cook also had some interesting things to say about Google Glass, stating that it was not a “mass-market product” and that it would appeal more to certain markets. This is a pertinent point. While everyone seems to be interested in Google Glass, it is hard to imagine everyone actually wearing one.

During the talk about wearable technology Cook was also asked about the wrist. “The wrist is interesting”, Cook says. “It’s more natural”. He also has a point here –  people wear glasses because they have to, but people wear watches and braceletes by choice.

So could we see an iWatch in the near future? As is always the case at these conferences new products were kept securely under wraps, and Cook even declined to answer a number of questions. Despite this, Apple will certainly release some very interesting products in the next year or so, and an iWatch may be one of them!